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Strengthening Your Voice:

A Workshop for Introverts and the Introvert-Friendly and Introvert-Curious  

with Pam Victor

(All Levels)

Saturday, June 11th, 2016

3-5pm (two hours)

Hadley, MA


***PRE-REQUISITE: None! This workshop is open to one and all.  Yes, even you! Especially you! :) ***

Do you find it difficult to make your voice heard? Do you wish you could participate more in group discussions at work and at social events? Quiet is great, though would you also like to make your out loud voice heard when it's time to talk? Here's a chance to practice these skills in a super supportive, judgment-free, and fun environment through easy-to-learn improvisation exercises practiced in a group circle and in pairs with breaks for quiet reflection and discussion.

Your question: Do I need to [fill in the blank: have experience/want to perform/know anything/get up in front of people/anything else]?

Our answer: Nope! All you need is a willingness to strengthen your inner and outer voice.

This fun and easy workshop will help you practice quieting your inner judgmental voice, communicate more effectively, reframe setbacks and overcome challenges. It's also a great chance to connect with interesting folks like you.

Taught by Pam Victor, the founder and Head of Happiness of Happier Valley Comedy. As well as being a professional improviser, Pam is a business consultant who uses improvisation exercises to facilitate powerful professional and personal growth in the THROUGH LAUGHTER program. Pam is the author of "Baj and the Word Launcher: A Space-Aged Asperger Adventure in Communication" and, along with legendary improvisers TJ Jagodowski and Dave Pasquesi, co-author of "Improvisation at the Speed of Life: The TJ & Dave Book." You can check her out at www.pamvictor.com.